How Vacuum Excavators Work


With the increase in population over the last decade, there has been need to shore up the existing infrastructure. Sometimes, “shoring up” projects have ended being expansion projects and new builds for roadways and other infrastructure. Prior to shoring up, the select areas must be excavated.

Underground Vacuum Excavations
The trenchless industry highly depends on vacuum excavation systems to located underground structures. The systems are mostly 100 percent accurate and have wide applications in cleaning. Read more great facts on Geothermal Drilling, click here.

Trenchless excavation systems were first unveiled in the 1950s. At that time, the systems were mostly used to remove slurry from horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects, and cleaning car wash pits as well as septic tanks. Today, the machines are used for various purposes, including digging post holes and cleaning valve boxes, on site. The equipment have been advanced to be more precise in the way they work.

Use of Vacuum Excavators
The use of vacuum excavators can be increased by attachments of various applications. For example, size-reduction tools can be attached to the excavators to allow cleaning of smaller catch basins and water valve boxes. You can also attach a valve exercises on the equipment to save time on exercising valves from one stationary location.

There are even contractors that use excavators to remove coals and grain trapped in the corners of barges, remove the chips from stump removal process and clean gutters. The equipment can further be used to excavate potholes for traffic signs or road guard rails, and other smaller excavation projects. If a larger hole is required, the excavation process can be repeated at the spots. By using a vacuum excavator, you will avoid damaging the existing underground lines. Moreover, excavators take less time to dig than other types of equipment.

Using Excavators to Dig
Vacuum excavation is a simple process that involves removing the earth cover using a high powered vacuum suction machine. This method is used to expose underground utilities and other items that are close to the surface of the earth. The method has low impact in the environment, is fast and safe.

You can think of vacuum excavators are soft digging tools that either use pressuring air or water. The equipment make precise controlled excavations and vary depending on their models and make. For small jobs, companies unusual use portable vacuum excavation equipment. On the other hand, large jobs usually quire large vacuum suctions.

The above is an overview of how vacuum excavators work and their benefits.


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